Nueva Terra Technologies provides proficient and experienced project management for every task and project we execute. Our project managers are skilled in the management and execution of information technology and telecommunications projects, allowing us to bring a sharp vision of what each project will produce, what it will cost, and when it will be completed. We utilize advanced project management tools to track and manage requirements, along with innovative personnel management techniques to motivate and direct project teams to work together and independently.
Project Management
Structured Cabling
Nueva Terra Technologies provides expert technicians for any type of low voltage or network installation, whether it is for alarm, video monitoring and hospitality systems, as well as Cat5e, Cat6 and Cat7cabling or fiber optics, and installation or relocation of infrastructure hardware such as hubs, routers, switches, and more. We have experience in managing a project from the initial stages, including the installation of additions to your network, with minimum disruption to your existing system, through to its completion.
Our troubleshooting team understands the importance of your company's communications system being fully functional without interruption. We have experience with testing and verifying any potential problems within your existing network, and have the ability to repair physical layer issues in a timely manner
Data Center
Nueva Terra Technologies has experience in the installation and termination of Category x cable throughout data centers, including vertical and horizontal cabling to accommodate growth, in compliance with TIA 942 data center guidelines.

We are experts in the installation process, from an empty data room to mounting the cabinets, installing all cable/fiber runs, terminating, and testing all ends, installing additional runs on existing networks, all without service interruption. Nueva Terra Technologies labels and documents all new cable additions and changes to ensure there will be no confusion for future cabling.

We understand that the performance of the network is vital to the growth and performance of your business. By utilizing meticulous methods of installation, we illustrate that the appearance of your network is equally important.
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